Bowling To Perfection

There are countless reasons why our services is better than the rest, but here you can learn about why we’re different 


Exceptional stable, adaptable, robust and durable machines specially designed in Germany top quality machines at your service.


Designed by a Milan-based architectural firm, Biroarchitetti, Owl have tailored, functional,modern designs with new trend finishes.

Price That Fits All

Whether you are on budget or not we have plans that fits everyone.


Developed, engineered and produced in Germany, SE20 Pinsetters are more economical, safer and more robust.

Its lightweight, compact construction makes it fascinatingly versatile, ideal for largescale commercial facilities, as well as for villas, private resorts and cellars.

Owl SE2020 Pinsetter has unprecedentedly low operating cost with 75% less power consumption than traditional ones, and its safe and easy operating features does not require the operator to be a certified bowling mechanic.

Guarantees enhanced bowling experience with its swift game cycle and noise reduction system, boosting the bowling centers profitability.


Exceptionally stable, adaptable, robust and durable,

Owl Bowling Ball Elevator is the only one of its kind with cast metal sprockets.

Suitable for above-ground and underground ball return system.



S20 Synthetic lane surfaces are made of raw material paper of highest quality from Finland and thick homogeneous HPL laminate, especially developed for bowling lanes.

S20 Synthetic lanes with the elegance of wood comes in different shades, glow effect and lighting system

Pure Excitement and Elegance!

Walnut and Black Decor Image Lane TM, provided as non glow versions only


Walnut and Black Decor Image Lane™ offer great tools for interior designers and concept developers,thus still enabling OWL S20 world class bowling performance features; the smooth shoe sliding characteristic on approach and high glossy lane panels for efficient ball reaction.



Pro Lanelane surface is 11 mm thick and provides to advanced bowler variating shades of wood boards for improved targeting and analysis of ball reaction.

OWL S20 synthetic lane surfaces are made of thick homegenous HPL laminate, specially developed for bowling lanes. The raw material is impregnated with special formulas of plastics and then compressed under high pressure.The result is an optimal bowling lane that meet all required technical specifications for bowling performance and sliding characteristics os approach lanes. A synthetic lane with the elegance of wood and on demand any other shade of color, glow effect and light system.


White ConceptTM lane surface offers excellent platform for exposure of colorful
LED-lights installed above the lanes and is ideal solution to match any kind of interior design.

One common panel consists of down lane 36 inch markers for analysis of ball reaction.

Black decor

USBC Approved

nr. FSY-011


Full Glow

Landing Strip Pattern Glow brings to your
center new excitement and innovative
edge to your interior design


Owl fully automated bumper system can be integrated with our advanced scoring system and has possibilities to adapt light and glow systems.
Our gutter and bumper profiles are made of impact resistant PVC plastic with specially designed strong hinges Patented technology of Owl’s extremely durable lifting system, paired with flexible materials allows Owl bumper to withstand repeated strong impacts.

Fully automated bumper gutter system with possibilities to adapt glow and light system. The system can be integrated to the most automatic scoring system available. ( patented).

Technical Specifications

  • Gutter and bumper profiles made of impact resistant PVC plastic, custom color options on large order ( stock color is black).
  • Specially designed strong hinges made of 3 mm thick sheet.
  • Lifting system (air hoses and pneumatic parts such as magnetic valves) is extremely durable and meets the highest standards and offers reliability in function.
  • Due to the unique patented technology of the system, the utilized materials are flexible and withstand impacts of even the heaviest bowling balls and and even stepping on the system when its activated.
  • All parts easy to clean and maintain.
State-of-the-art innovative design
where the gutter itself works as a
bumper. Custom made colors and
glow-in-the dark options for unique
solutions in style and design.



Indestructible Powerdeck TM Pindeck offering high scoring league & tournament bowling. The OWL S20 backend parts are fitted to meet the highest standards and requirements.

Gutters, Cappings, Covers

The OWL S20 gutter, capping and capping light system is crafted with durable high quality PVC-plastic materials and LED lights.

OWL Bowling – Automatic Scoring

Owl Bowling is proud to announce the newest and most exciting version of automatic scoring that
has been officially released for your center.

Owl’s TECH scoring graphics are truly amazing, newly designed by 3-D team of graphic specialists. The new PinCam camera is specifically designed to count the standing bowling pins in some of the darkest environments during black light bowling or with the new LED light displays.

Owl PinCam also works with many of the light shows for the pindeck lights so no matter how fast the lights are changing, you will be assured an accurate count of the standing bowling pins.

OWL Tech – Automatic Scoring

Our lane computers bring the scoring grids to life!

Owl’s TECH scoring graphics are truly amazing, newly designed by 3-D team of graphic specialists. The new PinCam camera is specifically designed to count the standing bowling pins in some of the darkest environments during black light bowling or with the new LED light displays.

Patented 3-D Interactive Graphics

OWL Scoring features the only Patented 3-D Scoring Grid in the industry, with High Definition Interactive Graphics .

  • Selectable animation mode
  • Interactive 3-D Graphics
  • Easiest to read scoring grids
  • High Definition Graphics
  • Special Games Modes
  • On-screen advertising
  • Reliable, highest quality hardware
  • 1080P HD Graphics and 3-D Animations

Owl Touch Bowler Console

The New 19” Touch bowler Console for your bowlers is an interactive scoring console built with hardware to last. High definition monitors made for the industrial needs of your center Includes a 19 inch commercial grade Multi-Touch high resolution 16.9 million color display, page scrolling, Smart Zoom, “onscreen” built-in Keyboard, editing with a magnifier, and easy menu icons are just some of the features that make the use of this tablet bowler console easy and fun to use just like a smart-phone.

A unique gaming experience-you have to see it to believe it.


  • Display another Lane – Scores can be displayed from another lane
  • lane chat – Meet other bowlers on the lanes
  • Edit Players – Edit names, first & last names, individual bumpers selection, player position, skip player, add\remove bowlers, edit bowler hcp, edit team name
  • Score Display – Display a full size screen of all scores
  • Easy Score Correction – With the touch of a finger
  • Delete Last Ball Rolled – (Optional)
  • Clear All Scores – Instantly clear all of your scores and restart (Optional)
  • Special Functions – ( function depends on pinsetter model)
  • Bartender and Dask Notifications

OWL TECH Bowling Front Desk

The Most Complete System Including

TECH Front Desk and Office System brings you the most complete management system available! Packed with unique features, TECH not only brings lane management and cash control at the front desk, but so much more!

Built on Microsoft. NET infrastructure and utilizing Microsoft SQL Server Database Technology, TECH is reliable, modular and easily upgradable.

With TECH, new modules and updates come free- for the lifetime of your system. Bowling proprietors want an efficient, easy system for their staff to use and customers to enjoy…
and OWL’s TECH front desk delivers!

With built-in features such as a complete POS system with inventory control, league and tournament management, customized reporting, integrated credit card handling,customized gift card and membership management and so much more.

OWL TECH is a truly complete center management system.

  • Lane management and cash control at the front desk
  • Inventory control
  • Built-in league and tournament management
  • Customized reporting
  • Integrated credit card handling
  • Customized gift card and membership management
  • Easily upgradable
  • Time-clock with fingerprint ID
  • Frequent bowler tracking
  • Reservations and waiting list
  • Laser tag module

Owl front desk, is a complete bowling center management that helps you run your entire family
entertainment center.

The TECH front desk software has the ability to let your bowling center sell games ( other than bowling) by the hour or even down to minutes.

TECH’s time game function allows pre or post payments, and the ability to sell just about any pricing system. Holiday pricing and other special events are all managed within OWL’s TECH front desk system.

Each game can be sold as prepaid or postpaid, and with Owl time power controller, you have automatic control over high voltage lighting, such as pool table lights and other lighting or A/C power you may want to regulate.

OWL Bowling Furniture’s

Designed by a Milan-based architectural firm, Biroarchitetti, Owl furniture have tailored, functional,modern designs with new trend finishes.


Designed, manufactured and styled to perfection, OWL bowling pins give your center an upbeat, stylish, and elegant atmosphere. High scoring, durable and striking, purchase of Owl bowling pins is truly a great investment

Made of durable urethane, OWL bowling balls have high-friction, reactive coverstock that make them high performance. Chic designs and dynamic color patterns, OWL balls have comfort grip for better game results, happier bowlers and higher return customer rates.

OWL house shoes are designed for comfort, durability and performance. The unique patterns and quality production sets OWL shoes apart.

Bowling Dimensions


H300 foundation


H420 foundation