Owl is created to provide the highest bowling experience from planning stage, installation, operation and bowling experience in the center, Owl bowling is a collaborative effort from the top of the line manufacturers in Europe.

100% percent German made OWL pinsetters are created by the pioneers of the industry, known for engineering, innovation technology and robust craftmanship.

OWL advanced scoring system, is the first Windows based scoring system in the bowling industry.

With over 10 years of experience, our Italian manufacturer clearly has the edge as they founded the development of microprocessor system, optical equipment and 3D interactive graphics, among other technological innovations.

Our attention to details, quality and design is further exemplified by our synthetic lanes system. Crafted and produced in Finland, Owl synthetic lanes are sought by anyone who knows their bowling.

Your dream design

Owl Bowling's partner, BiroArchitetti, can create a design tailored to your needs, balancing aesthetic and functional aspects, efficiency and environmental comfort. We are designing bowling centers as never seen before.
`` Our vision is to revolutionize the bowling industry by providing the highest quality, technologically advanced, and aesthetically appealing bowling centers that deliver an unparalleled bowling experience for enthusiasts around the world ``
Our Vision
''We aim to exceed our customers' expectations by offering German-made pinsetters known for their engineering, innovation, and craftsmanship, as well as an advanced Windows-based scoring system pioneered by our Italian manufacturer. We strive to pay attention to every detail, from the synthetic lanes crafted in Finland to the tailored, modern designs created by our partner architectural firm in Milan.''
Our Mission

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